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Restaurant tablet menu ordering system

Tablet menu

Fully integrated appetizing digital menu to entice your customers with appealing pictures and descriptions.

restobyte ordering system

Enjoy the leverages offered by the RestoByte digital menu in order to display your full offer to your guests.

restaurant menu ordering

RestoByte helps you to bring your guests closer with the usage of videos, photos, and comprehensive descriptions of the dishes offered by you.

Digital tablet menu for your restaurant business

Modify and Reorganize

Catering facilities get full independence for menu content modification at any moment without nerve-wracking about added cost as per varying necessities.

Adapt Current Menu Trends

Restaurants can easily transform the items and the overall style of menu following the current trends and fascinate their guests without any extra cost.

Announce Your Newest Offers in Style

Promote your exclusive offers by means of bright images and fresh menu items letting your guests to see the newest offers.

Amplified Revenue

RestoByte helps you to enhance your average bill value by creating upselling of items, by publicizing them with relevant pictures and latest information.

Why choose our restaurant tablet ordering system?

Make the most of your restaurant business with our powerful and dynamic tablet menu which is fully integrated to a similarly robust POS System.

  • digital menu ordering

    Customization Option

    Full customization options offered by RestoByte lets you choose from various templates, pictures, menu items, and the general layout that suits your brand and design of your restaurant
  • digital ordering

    Interactive Menu

    You can customize the menu,sorting various groups and placing items under them,so that the guests do not get confused scrolling down.We make it easier for your guests to search and navigate to find whatever they are looking for.
  •  tablet side ordering

    Offline Mode

    There’s no need of internet to run RestoByte. This saves the restaurant from internet-related issues such as down times.
  •  menu ordering system

    Order Remarks

    Waiters can add particular remarks for specific items thereby mentioning any certain requests from the guests for those items.Moreover,RestoByte allows you to include descriptions and modifications of items

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