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Restaurant Point of sale system

RestoByte is an all-in-one, restaurant management system designed to assist you in building, maintaining and growing your business while consistently offering remarkable experiences to your valuable customers. From efficient digital ordering, table management and inventory management to reporting, billing, and accounts handling, our restaurant POS system is fortified with all the tools that you need to run a successful business and smooth functioning, whether you have a single restaurant or a chain of restaurants.

The brilliantly designed dashboard provides you direct access to all other modes. The system offers you complete flexibility to select from Dine In, Take Away, or Delivery, thereby helping the staff to track order types and streamlining the process of service and billing. Also, all orders are instantly showed in the kitchen via Kitchen Display System to initiate the order preparation rapidly resulting in faster and improved service.

Dine In

The dine in mode lets you see the seating arrangement of your restaurant in the system, along with the live status of different tables such as occupied, reserved, vacant, etc. and it can assist you in informing your waiters by assigning particular tables.


RestoByte makes it easy for you to manage delivery of orders efficiently. The system lets you maintain a separate database of guests with their full information for the delivery of orders.

Take Away

Our comprehensive POS system makes the task of handling Take Away orders very simple. The special incorporated features for Take Away orders can save your time significantly and manage the orders effectively.


This is the last point of contact with your guests, and the most important one as well, since, a good overall experience can bring your guests back to you. RestoByte streamlines all operations related to billing making the entire billing process a smooth one.

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