Features you find in our restaurant POS system

Existing Menu Presentation

Restaurateurs can make it simpler for the guests to navigate through the digital menu and know accurately what they are looking for, by customizing the menu, organization the menu according to several menu groups and items and adding descriptions for each item.

Real Time Updates of Menu & Reports

From Restaurant Management to Operations, it offers a unique feature to display prompt concise reports and can help you to update your menu instantly throughout all the devices.

POS Integration

The digital menu of Restobyte has been integrated with its desktop POS/billing solution, so that the orders are directly integrated to POS unit. This is designed to give the restaurants all the necessary tools to increase efficiency and speed up service.

Effortless Upsell Upsurges Revenue

Restobyte is extremely easy to use and its attractive and interactive features will make ordering more appealing thereby impressing customers and up surging sales and revenue.

Customer Engagement

The tablet menu offers a user-friendly interface, item descriptions, presenting smooth navigation and a delightful experience of surfing through the menu enhanced with easy item selection and order thereby increasing customer engagement.

Stock and Inventory Management

It helps you keep your Food Costs in check and efficiently streamlines your Kitchen Backend. Keep a clear track of your Stock Levels through detailed reports and real-time updates.

Features that automate & optimize your restaurant operations

Restobyte web app

Inventory Management

Day-end easy auditing of inventory made simplified with physical inventory methodologies which enables accurate measure of pilferage.

Quick Invoice

The program allows you to sort orders by the table and also makes it easy for customers to track their total billed amount before they request the invoice.

Order Tracking

RestoByte is an excellent restaurant POS program that allows you to manage orders from customers and easily generate invoices.

Manage Tickets

If you are business like a restaurant that requires KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket), RestoByte offers a flexible way to enable and generate order tickets.

Accounts Management

Take a complete control of multiple restaurant outlets from one place. RestoByte Enterprise Module helps you keep a track of all your restaurants and manage them from one Central POS.

General Settings

RestoByte comes with an easy to use interface that lets you easily customize the general settings of your software to your neeeds.

Restobyte mobile app

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